Reaching Kolkata

A Brief Report


  Fellowship  ministry began in the City of Kolkata in 1989 reaching out to the Bengalis.  That was the vision and passion of the founder of The Fellowship.  Today The Fellowship has become 24 years old and the mission has spread all over North India, but we felt that we do not have a strong outreach ministry in the city of Kolkata.  This makes the city of Kolkata one of the unreached city with a population of Approx. 20 Millions.. The Lord put a burden in my heart to reach the City and that made us to start a Project Called “Seizing the Opportunity”.  This made us to think of innovative ways to reach the people during Christmas and Good Friday etc. but still I could sense that the need of reaching the lost is so huge and our attempts are just frail. Therefore, The Fellowship envisions reaching the city of Kolkata systematically through the ZIP Codes.  There are 156 ZIP Codes and The Fellowship would strive to knock each doors in the ZIP Codes to provide an opportunity for each person to get the Gospel and read for themselves and through the DVDs, see the life story of Jesus Christ by themselves at least once in their lifetime. Prayerfully we decided to begin this Project and selected the ZIP Code – 700026 of Kolkata.  This place is called ‘KALIGHAT’ and known as a Hindu Center for goddess kali.  This is the stronghold for the whole city of Kolkata where every day sacrifice of animals take place to appease the goddess.  Goddess kali is the state deity of West Bengal. It was a big challenge but our evangelists prayerfully marched forward to take the Good News from door to door at Kalighat. I am writing this report after we have successfully completed 5 ZIP Codes. No. of Evangelists & Volunteer: 20nos. (including men and women) Strategy: The New Testament called ‘Premer Vani’ (Message of Love) along with a Gospel Tract ‘Pratham Raktadata’ (The first blood donor) was beautifully prepared as a gift with colorful Ribbons.  The Campus Crusade for Christ gave 2 DVDs (1. Life of Jesus, 2. Story of transformation of a Hindu Priest) in credit so that we can pay them back after 2 months.  They have asked for Rs.25/ for 2 DVDs and we know that God would provide the money to pay back for the DVDs.  Some of our office staffs and even Board member contributed some amount towards the cost of DVD.  We thought that let the DVDs not be distributed, rather those who are interested can buy it just for Rs.10/. The distribution of the tracts and DVDs were done systematically.  It was found that 99% people accepted the Gospel packet by hearing the name of Jesus.  Even some of them after receiving kissed the Book and touched the Book on their forehead which is a mark of highest respect.  Everyday 800 – 1000 families are reached with the Gospel and every month our target is to reach the Gospel in 3000 houses.  Our evangelists walked on the scorching heat from door to door because they could see the inner hunger of the people to know the Truth.  Many people show interest to know more about Jesus and spent time with our evangelists.  Even some requested for prayers immediately. We have a follow up plan in place.  Every Gift has got 2 contact numbers and we are getting calls and postal letter of the Seekers.  The seekers are led through a systematic study of knowing Lord Jesus.  They also atart attending a fellowship.  Our vision is that each ZIP Codes in Kolkata would have a strong, witnessing and community impacting fellowship. We have also generated lots of prayer support each day when our brothers and sisters go out to share the Gospel.  Please pray for us so that we would continue this PIN Code approach every month at least for 4 days.  We are slowly running short of the Gospel Packets and we would need more of those to continue this work of the Gospel. Please pray and join hands with us. OUR NEEDS:
Sl. No.             Particulars                                          Unit                             Amount
  1.             Travel for 20 people for 4 days         Rs.50 * 20 * 4             4000.00
  2.             Food (Lunch, Tea & Snacks)               Rs.80 * 20 * 4             6400.00
  3.             Misc. (Water, Glucose etc)                                                      600.00
   TOTAL                         11000.00 ($ 200)                                                                                                @ Rs.55 per $1                                  
Sl. No.             Particulars                                          Unit                             Amount
  1.             Back pack bags (30nos.)                     Rs.500 * 30                 15000.00
  2.             Khoj CD from ICCC (10000)                Rs.25 * 10000              250000.00
  3.             Gospel Tracts – Pratham Raktadata                                       8000.00
  4.             Other Gospel Tracts & NT (from BSI & Others)                    27000.00
TOTAL                        300000.00 ($ 5455)               @ Rs.55 per $1             Your prayers and support can make Kolkata know Jesus and be saved.   Will you join with us?      ]]>

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