Sanjay’s Praises and Prayer Request!

  • The Tea Garden authority has given us the permission to build a Worship Centre at Baradighi Tea Garden (the place where they didn’t let us do the Medical Camp). We now have the copy of Building Permission to start.
  • On Feb 7th I was in Makrapara Child Development Center, close to the Bhutan border, and saw the electric meter has already been installed. Before I left for the city of Alipuarduar, the connection was officially made and the electricity was turned on. It was a joy to see the office lit up.
  • The girl who accepted the Lord in Makrapara, who was beaten and taken to another places, is now back to Makrapara and she is attending the church. We are working to see how we can help her complete her education and help her with other needs.
  • The Worship Centre at Canal Busty is near completion. Just a few more things needs completed, along with the door and windows.
  • We are in the process of appointing a qualified brother to give leadership to the neighbour’s ministry.
  • Thank the Lord for His faithfulness and for His grace with us and in our ministry.
  • Prayer Concerns:
    1. Pray as we are coming to the end another financial year, and as we are working on the budget.
    2. Pray that the Lord will show us the direction as we enter another financial year, and that we will be focused on the calling and the cause we are committed to.
    3. Pray for the man-power and resources that is required for the same.
    4. We plan to have a General Assembly Meeting this year, during the durga puja holidays. We haven’t met for over a decade.
    5. Pray for the need of constructing Worship Centres at 5 places in the coming financial year. At least two needs to be constructed before the monsoon sets in this year. The cost for each will be around $7000.00. Material cost continues to rise with every passing day.
    6. We want to have training program for all the workers for 10 days, as we did in 2007-08. I am asking if Rev. Sudipta can help us or if we can have a combined training program to cut the cost down.
    7. Pray for the Matigara Property, (New Discipleship Centre outside of Siliguri) we need to finalize all the property documents and continue with the perimeter walls and start building the Discipleship Centre. We need to raise the funds for all of these aspects to continue.