Pastor Sanjay Shares Insights!

th January 2017) representing his  tribe. Brother Bh is working among his tribe and has ministry in 3 different Tea Gardens, for which he has to travel about 200 miles on an average in a week. He is one of the evangelist who has been provided with a motorcycle from Spread the Word (STW), and that has made a great impact in his ministry. Brother Bh says; “the two-wheeler has been a blessing, which has cut down on the travel time and also gives me opportunity to visit new areas, which are far and remote and can only be accessed if one has his own mode of communication. I thank STW for their prayers and their gift of a two-wheeler”.  The bike also helps transporting sick children and people in emergency, and saves precious lives. We have started to work on the Matigara Property plan / layout. The engineer has visited the site and found the soil is suitable for 3 storied building, the sand / loose gravel that is visible on a part of the property is just about two feet deep. The site plan and the 3D Image of the proposed building is under progress. This is one of the pressing needs of the ministry keeping in view of the changing scenario in the country. Your Co-worker in Christ, Pastor Sanjay Daniel Murmu Church of God Siliguri, West Bengal, India ********************* Prayer Concerns:

  1. Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance. That, we will be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit as our battle against the power and principalities of the unseen world gets intensified.
  2. Pray for God’s protecting as situation / atmosphere is rapidly become hostile towards the minority groups. Church services and programs being disrupted in many of the country.
  3. Pray for the Children ministry that is affected due to financial crunch.
  4. Pray for the new areas / regions we are focusing this year. Pray for the Awareness and Training Programs for Human Trafficking in the border areas of North Bengal in the coming months.
  5. Pray for the Small Business Loan / Soft Loan Program to strengthen the local believers and churches to slowly work towards self-sustenance.
  6. Pray for the Leadership Team as they work together to see the Church of God Movement continue to touch and transforms lives, through its various initiatives, programs and projects.
  7. Pray for the Proposed Training-cum-Retreat Center at Matigara, as the work on the basis of the land / layout, plans etc is under process. This will be a project for the ministry to train its pastors and evangelists, and also a facility to be rented out on a daily basis to raise funds locally / towards self-reliance.
Pressing Needs:
  1. Addition $500.00 per month for Pastors & Evangelists.
  2. Minimum $1000.00 per month per project to run the bare minimum program in the two CDC’s.
  3. 10 days Church Planters Training Program: $2000.00
  4. Awareness Program & Training Program for Human Trafficking: $500.00 each quarter.
  5. $2500.00 for Self-help / Small business loan.
********************* Personal Update: We are doing fine as a family. Rebecca is now in the 10th Grade and Lydia in 8th Grade. Sanjukta is also doing fine and she has no health issues now except for blood sugar which too is under control. We will always remain grateful to your generous help to meet our medical needs as Sanjukta was often complaining of breathlessness. We as a family remember you all in our prayers. God willing we will be able to meet someday again. Pray for me, as I am standing at the crossroad and have to make crucial discussion that will have a lasting impact in my personal life, family and ministry. That, the Lord will show me and lead me that I may just do the ONE THING that the Lord requires of me, and rest will follow. I will wait on the Lord. Convey our greetings to all the who pray for us and support our ministry. Easter Outreach: We had an outreach program in a new areas close to Siliguri, where we screened the film, “The Path of Truth” in Bengali, where we have a children ministry done by Bro. A. S. Though the community was not willing to let them meet about 4-5 weeks back when they first went, slowly they are opening up. Young and old were there to watch the film. There was no proper facility so we screen it in front of a cow shed, had hard time keeping the temporary electrical wire intact that led to shut down of the system, we had to quit through we were through 75% of the film with several breaks, as equipment was shutting down due to overheating apart from the mosquitoes that were all around and making it difficult to sit. We will go back and show the film again.]]>