Abby shares about the Walk-A-Thon

The Child Development Centers in India that were previously funded by Compassion International serve children in a way that is irreplaceable: the support in education, the much-needed meals, the place to belong and learn about the love of Jesus are all crucial needs.  That’s why we were honored to help support them with the walk-a-thon we hosted this past May.  Although we didn’t have many resources to get the event going, we were blessed with people and businesses that were willing to join with us.  Mid-America Christian University let us use their facilities, WalMart and Aldi’s donated supplies, and individuals from all different denominations and walks of life came together to raise thousands of dollars for the centers.  One college student raised several hundred dollars and walked by herself in the rain before she left for the summer.  Another family committed to walk 3 miles together, and even the 3-year-old made it while all the walkers cheered him on.  It was a great day to remember that God uses us all and we’re all needed.  As Paul told us in 1 Corinthians 12:27, “Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.”

   Another great aspect of the Compassion projects is the relationship that is built between the sponsors and the children through writing letters and praying for each other.  With Compassion leaving India, the kids are losing their pen pals.  In response to that need and in conjunction with the walk-a-thon, 2nd grade classes from Westwood Elementary wrote letters to the children in India.  The letters tell about life in Oklahoma, encourage them to work hard in school and some remind them of Jesus’ love.  An article was written about this project in the Oklahoman and can be read at
   Please pray that the work we started is continued – that these centers are not forgotten or neglected as time passes and the need for funds and encouragement is critical.  Pray for the leaders of the centers, the leaders of the government, and especially for the children: that they will remember how precious they are to the Lord.