Brief overview of strategic training events, to reach the unreached!

Brief report of my last year visit to few places.

Korea Trip

Ethene International Consultation.

Biswajit, KoreaI was invited by Ethene Committee to attend the meeting and represent Indian Mission. I represent the work done among Bengali Muslims in our part. As this meeting was targeting people group we could talk about different unreached Neighbours people group in India.  By the grace of God I could generate prayer for the work among Neighbours. At the same time I was invited by one of the Mission in Seoul to speak in their youth Conference. There were more than 3000 youth gathered in this conference.  It was the time to share about what God is doing among Neighbours in India and challenge, mobilize and bring awareness among young people to commit their lives to mission among Neighbours. With the Core group Leaders in Ethene Meeting.

 International Neighbours Conference in Istanbul, Turkey.

Biswajit, TurkeyFor the first time I could meet with MBB from many countries especially from the middle east. It was a vision conference for the leaders of different countries.  I was really encouraged and challenged to see how God is using his people in world’s most difficult place for the Gospel. Many of them lost their near and dear ones but are faithful in fulfilling the Great Commission. I got an opportunity to train them in Neighbours Evangelism. Even though I did not have much time I can say I learnt much from them than teaching them.  I could take back lots of stories and lesson learnt back to our field and share to my co-workers.  

International Vision 5.9 Meeting Chiangmai, Thailand.

Vision 5.9 is a network of neighbours work. There are more than 120 mission sending agencies from 30 different countries around world. I was selected to be in the Indian National Steering Team and in the International Training &Mobilization Task force. Vision – Vision 5:9 exists to see effective church-planting efforts among all Muslim peoples. By the grace of God we aspire to see this accomplished by 2025. My responsibility is to see how we can mobilize Indian Missions and Churches in my region to get actively involved in reaching Neighbours.  We have conducted many regional group meetings in Eastern India our meeting in Chiangmai was to evaluate our work and monitor our effort. Life Challenge Africa Meeting in Bouake, Ivory Coast…. I was invited by Dr. Walter Eric from Kenya to come and develop a partnership with Life Challenge Africa. I was asked to present our work and present our challenges in reaching Neighbours. We had one week training and every night we had country presentation on Neighbours work. I was really surprised and also praise God for our friends in Africa who even in the midst of so many challenges, difficulties and with very intensive persecution working very hard to extend the Kingdom among Neighbours. It was very encouraging to hear all the testimonies and teachings during the consultation. Biswajit      Types of Partnership develop with National fellowship.
  •       They have allowed us to use their training and discipleship material in India.
  •        They also going to help us in translating the material in Bengali language.
  •        I also invited them to come to India for Training of Trainers in the month of             November. Most probably we will work with IMA Neighbours team to do it in           Hyderabad and invite other Mission leaders to come and attend the training for       a larger benefit.

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