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Involvement Options

There are several needs at this time across our globe. Several are listed below for your information and convenience; however there are many options of ways to get involved to make a difference . . . to impact someone’s world. You can’t change the world, but you can make changes in someone’s world.

  • You can choose to donate financially to Helping hands In Motion on a monthly basis to insure that this ministry continues on. It is a faith based ministry, meaning it solely survives on donations; donations by individuals as well as churches and organizations. If you are interested in partnering up with HHIM and have questions, please contact Richard Fields at 772-878-7007
  • Another way to impact the world is to sponsor a National Pastor for $100 monthly, or get 2 or 3 friends to in with you and have a combined total of $100 per month. An Indian National Pastor can live fairly well on this amount per month.
  • You could also choose to sponsor a child for $35 per month. That’s giving up one (1) soda every day, and you’ll have the amount to provide that child with clothes, the ability to go to school, and be fed daily.

Many Needs = Many Opportunities

  • You can designate where you want you donation to be used, and it will be according to your instructions. Other ways in which you can help are with the following:
  • Flooding conditions have filled the lower floor of the Siligury church. We are helping to raise the floor and do some repairs at the cost of $3000.00
  • The two acres purchased in Matigara are in the process of being secured and utilized. This land has risen in value greatly. Rev. S hopes to put in a pond to raise fish commercially and to have dairy cows on the land.
  • There have been over 1400 children adopted through Compassion Ministries in six locations. Because of this, there is a great need for larger facilities to reach more children. Our National Leaders has four more outreach areas in mind.
  • One of our leader’s converts is a drug addict who is also an artist. He is trying to sell his cards and paintings to provide for his needs. We may try to sell these in the US to help fund this ministry.
  • Support for our former leader in Bangladesh has been increased since there is a great need with both he and his wife.
  • Overall giving to Bangladesh Ministries has been greatly reduced because of various reasons. We are trying to address those areas. We need to recruit some new support especially for workers and evangelists.
  • Support for in Calcutta has been increased with the hope of helping our leader obtain new housing since he is being forced to leave his apartment.

Ministry Potentials

Discipleship Centres

The National Leaders have a vision to reach the unsaved people ofIndiafor Christ. To do this we need more discipleship centres strategically placed in various areas ofIndia. We have located 11 such areas where the need of Christ is intense and these areas would be vital areas to build these discipleship centres. Each centre will cost approximately $60,000 US Dollars. These discipleship centres will be large enough to accommodate a big group of people; they will be used for discipleship trainings, for church services, for group meetings and conventions, for the Pastor and his family to live in; and if land is available, there will be a garden to provide food for nourishment and for income.

Child Development Centres

Many children all over the world that do not have food on a daily basis, nor an opportunity to get an education, or clothes to shield their body against the elements – and you can make this happen for a child or for many children! This can be done either by either sponsoring a single child, or impacting numerous children and supporting a Child Development Centre.

We currently have 2 centres inIndiaand 4 centres inBangladesh, but all are full and over burdened with the needy children in their areas. The National Leaders of both countries expressed a necessity to have at least two more Child Development Centres built in each country. Unfortunately the four new centres will not accommodate all the hungry and unclothed children in these countries, but it will impact a lot of children, and make a difference in their lives . . . and in yours.

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