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Affiliates networking with Helping Hands In Motion Inc. include but not inclusive: Global Missions of the Church of God, Florida Church of God Ministries, House of Blessings Ministries, Children of Promise, J Boedeker Ministries Inc, National Fellowship, Compassion Ministries, and Nichols Roy Bible College. Will you be a partner?


Churches from various denominations across the United States have played a vital part of Helping Hands In Motion Inc.’s ability to empower and to enable missionaries, and these congregations have our appreciation for their partnership with us. Will you be a partner?


Helping Hands has also networked with many many individuals who believe in what we are doing and who cannot go into the outermost parts of the world, but want to be a part of what’s going on! Will you be a partner?

Action Statement

And that’s what’s it all about – each of us doing what we can to empower and impact those who God has laid upon our hearts. We all can’t go physically, but we all can go by one means or another. By prayer, by monthly financial support, by a one-time donation, by going on a mission trip, by spreading the word of needs, by putting “legs” on your prayers.

Maybe it’s best said by just saying “Allowing God to lead me by the means He knows I need to go” and then we step back out of His way and just do it.

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