Board of Directors

Richard Fields

Founder | Executive Director

Dennis Huebner
Chair | Senior Pastor
Don Carson
Debi Fields
Secretary Financial Director
Stephanie Huebner
Major Donor Leader
Dave Perry
Board Member

The Board of Directors

The Board meets once annually to establish policy, provide accountability and consider how we may serve as partners for ministry in Haiti, Asia, Bangladeshand beyond. Richard Fields communicates the ministry’s activities and needs to a large network of friends, support agencies and others with a view to heighten awareness and expand resources. We keep in constant contact with board members throughout the year with ideas and programs requiring their suggestions, input, and support. Debi Fields oversees the accounting of HHIM; presents the reports at our meetings; prepares all annual financial reports; sends out receipts of giving for all donations received for HHIM, all receipts of donations for House Of Blessings are forwarded to Phil and Lonnie Murphy for them to personally submit; prepares and mails the Annual giving statements and letter to all donors as required by law. Records are reviewed by an outside accountant on an annual basis.