HHIM Ambassadors: You Can Do Much More! 

HHIM encourages small talk, lunch dates and endless conversation.

When HHIM Ambassadors tell the stories of Haiti, India then others are engaged and inspired to join our mission of touching lives and transforming communities. Conversations with people you know can lead to great change in these countries. Many want to see the direct impact of their giving, others are eager to participate in a movement. Increasingly, people are donating because of being asked to do so by their friends or family versus a non-profit organization itself.

Speak up for the millions who have not yet heard.

If you have questions about becoming an HHIM Ambassador, please contact Richard at


Ambassadors : ways to help

HHIM Ambassadors advocate for the millions in Haiti, India living in extreme poverty, most having never even heard the name Jesus. As an ambassador, you will educate friends, small groups, churches or community groups about these countries physical and spiritual needs as well as provide opportunities for partnerships with HHIM. For a better picture of the commitment, see the ambassador responsibilities and goals below, or contact Richard at helpinghim@bellsouth.netAs always, thank you for your continued support and interest in HHIM!Ambassador  Responsibilities:

  • Complete the Ambassador application process
    • The application process serves as a way for us to get to know our advocates as well as make sure the program is a right fit for you.
  • As an Ambassador, you will be in contact with an HHIM staff representative who will answer your questions, give encouragement and provide         assistance in reaching the Ambassador goals.
  • Pray for the ministry of HHIM and the people of Haiti, India.
  • Strive to educate yourself and others about Missions.
  • Commit to advocating for HHIM for one year.
  • Strive to meet eight of the 10 Ambassador goals.

Ambassador Annual Goals:

  • Educate yourself and others in missions
  • Follow-up with current HHIM supporters at your church
  • Share with one pastor about HHIM
  • Share with one small group about HHIM
  • Share with one children’s Sunday school class about HHIM
  • Represent HHIM at one conference, missions fair or Perspectives Class
  • Host a mission’s prayer meeting focused on tHHIM’s ministries
  • Post HHIM’s promotional materials in a strategic location
  • Invite one friend to become a participant in sponsorship

Ambassador Qualifications:

  • Be a walking committed Christian who is involved in a local church
  • Be eager to share Helping Hands In Motion mission with others
  • Have a desire to grow God’s Kingdom and have a heart for Missions
  • Have an open and willing heart!

We would be excited to send you an application to be a part of the exciting Ministry of Helping Hands In Motion and serve as an Ambassador.

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