Impacting the world through Children!

557621_432701320075145_1468868920_nHow do we make an impact on Haiti? Through Children! House Of Blessings will celebrate, this year, 30 years of ministry to children and the community with young adults leaving the House Of Blessings going into communities and making a difference. How has this happened? How does this continue? One child at a time! This has happened and will continue because you are there to help us prayerfully, physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. Over the years House Of Blessings philosophy has been, quality over quantity, this continues today. In the past, we have concentrated on having around 20 of children at House Of Blessings. However, now the government is applying pressure on the House Of Blessings Directors to increase the number of children raised, they want a minimum of 30 children at House Of Blessings. To do this we must add onto the current building where the children sleep and are cared for. Plans are now finished and the building of the addition should start in June 2016… WOW – this year! Phase 1 of the structure will cost around $46,000.00.  Some of you are asking: How do we get involved? One awesome story in getting this addition started is of a working man who drives a truck and does carpentry work on the side. He recently did a job and donated the profits towards the building of the addition… he has sent us $8,000!  He said use this to enable the House Of Blessing to help even more children. He has asked us to tell others about his donation and challenge others, churches, businesses, whoever and wherever to match or triple these funds. So the challenge goes out to all of you. This hard working guy gives $8,000.  What will you give towards matching or tripling this amount so we can get this addition built? There are other ways you can get involved and we will be sharing those in some of our next messages. But for now, will you get involved? Will you send funds towards the addition? You have been part of making the House Of Blessings to be what it is today. We know you will help us as we move forward and IMPACT the lives of even more Haitian children to IMPACT Haiti as they grow and give leadership throughout Haiti and the world. Contact Richard or Debi Fields and let them know how you will be involved, or send a check to Helping Hands In Motion and on the memo line write HOB addition matching funds. Thank you and God Bless!]]>