The trip that has changed my heart and strengthened my soul! by Tina

Tina and Denia[/caption] It is a trip that has changed my heart and strengthened my soul… to a third world country where $1.00 a day is considered a good pay to feed a family. It’s where most Haitians think about getting through today and not worrying about tomorrow, because they are not sure they will see another sunrise. It’s where going to school is very much a privilege and not a choice, but those that are fortunate enough may travel for hours one way to get to school. A parent or relative when is unable to feed and take care of a child has the difficult choice in choosing which child/children will be given a better chance for the future. Then they make the painful decision to take that journey to an orphanage, where a glimpse of “HOPE” is given to a child. This is where my story begins, at the door steps to the “House Of Blessings”. This is where 16 smiling faces greet you with a “bonjour” and a never ending supply of hugs. You can feel God’s presence in each of the children; from Rosberline age 4 to Steve or Woody the eldest residents. All have a special spot in this home and where they worship the Lord with a nightly group devotion, where songs are sang, Bible verses are recited and a reflection of God’s work for the day is spoken. “The House Of Blessings” and all who reside there are beacons for the community. Where the gates are opened for resources to help find jobs, community support and where a positive outlook on our Savior Jesus Christ is always present. “Helping Hands In Motion supports “The House Of Blessings”, along with the community. Where houses are being built for God’s children, we built a 14’ X 14’ house with four walls, a roof , two windows and a door, erected within four hours with the help of the home owner Jethroe, his neighbors, family and our team of ten. A couple of days later we laid the cement floor then we were honored as our team blessed the house for his nine brothers and sisters to share and make a home. God brought a team form Skiatook, Oklahoma to touch the lives of this family in Callebasse, Haiti; How amazing is that? I feel one of God’s biggest gifts given to me is RELATIONSHIPS; a relationship between a team member and a child, a relationship between a team member and God, and even a relationship between a team member and the house mom, Marie. She was raised in the same orphanage and now has her place touching the lives of others. I was in Haiti in October 2010 and worked with these beautiful ladies that cooked our meals, and made sure our needs were met, along with making sure the needs of the children were met. Not only did the kids need a hug, but so did these ladies. I gave them my heart and they gave it back bigger and stronger than ever before, and for that I am internally grateful. When I returned in June 2012, I asked Marie if she remembered me, I reminded her of our time in the kitchen. Her face lit up and said…”yes, I remember you; you wanted to know everything and you took pictures of me”. I replied with a great big smile and said “YES” and shared the pictures I had taken 1 ½ years prior. Before I knew it I was being given the biggest hug and a sway back and forth, then another and another. I know I have many sisters and brothers through Christ, so many that my heart is overflowing with honor and grace. All of this made possible with God’s gift of relationships: I want to thank HHIM for changing my heart and strengthening my soul. Tina Loncaric,                                                                                                                                                         Skiatook, Oklahoma]]>