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“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart…” A question that I get asked frequently is “How are the children doing at House Of Blessings (HOB)?” In our messages, we write about the progress of many aspects of the ministry and give updates of how projects are going. Lately during my prayer time I have been asking the Lord about what to include on a House Of Blessings update, He said. ”Tell everyone a little about the children, just enough to whet their appetites to come and spend time with them”. So here goes! When you have 16 children in one home, it seems there is always a buzz about something. In spite of current challenges, such as decrease in financial support, cold’s and allergies, a very dry season, water shortage, loss of food previously provided by CRS (Catholic Relief Services) and many other challenges, the children are doing awesome! Rosie is growing so quickly, with a spicy personality and ever so charming and is quickly learning English. It is so awe-inspiring to see her holding the hand of one of the older children walking to school. Christina is full of energy and charisma, and is now learning French (she already speaks Creole and English). She is in kindergarten now -she’s very smart – and is taken to and from school by motorcycle. It is a little frightening to see her get on that motorcycle and head out! Schelando is sprouting up so quickly, picking up on English better all the time and not as quiet and shy as he has been. It is great to see him and the others playing, chasing each other through the house. Nacofa is such a hard worker. Quiet, shy and ticklish, and when you get a smile from her you get a glimpse of her inner beauty, which is absolutely heartwarming. We are so proud of what all she has accomplished. Mawoole is developing into quite the young lady. She has become a little shy, but she’s so fun to be around her. She still wrestles some, but not as much as she used to, she is growing up! Woodnorder is our “Mister Mischievous”! He wants to play most of the time (and usually he is), especially wrestling with people just about all the time. He is a people person and great to be around and to have fun with. Sarah is growing into such a beautiful young lady. Still likes to rough house around with you. She can be ever-so-charming one moment and the very next moment she’s back to being a tom boy! Sony wants to act rough and tough, but he is so good with the little ones. However he doesn’t like to show his soft side. He is growing up and we know that he will develop into a great young man! Jonas is our young man with the great big smile! He is studying all the time; I tell him he will go far because he immerses himself into his studies. I can’t forget to tell you he loves video and electronic games. Fello “Mister Flirty” is full of personality! He recently just graduated from a cooking school and he practices at the orphanage from time to time. We are very proud of him and his accomplishments. Widlene is a wonderful young lady, fun to be around and I love to tease her just to see her laugh and smile. She likes to dress up and fix her hair all the time… this must be why some many boys are around! Wiesland is growing so much in the Lord! She has a heart to know the Lord more intimately and to serve and worship Him. I love her leading our times of worship! She has a special young man in her life, just ask her about him! Carlo is developing into a passionate, loving and caring young man. He wants you to think he is tough, but he has such a sensitive side. He is a great big brother to the kids, learning to be a leader and to set an example for the younger ones. He likes to play soccer; he is also great leading us in worship and playing his drum! He travels with me and helps with the translating, we have great talks where I get the privilege of hearing from his heart and passion! Woody is overseeing the Children Of Promise ministries outside of the orphanage and doing a great job at it. He has a special young woman in his life, and their relationship sounds serious! He finished his schooling for mechanic and is now doing some teaching. When he is in the home he’s on the computer talking to his special young woman. Congratulations! Marie is “Mother” to all of us! She takes such good care of everyone; she is working, preparing food or helping the children constantly. She is such a blessing. At times her room is full of talk and laughter as women come together fixing hair, nails and who knows what else. Gilene goes to a Business School and has just a few more papers to write to complete her degree. She is trying hard to get her visa so she can join her husband here in the US. She is constantly going to the church to serve, help and work. Others you know: Isaac is working with another ministry at an orphanage north of Port Au Prince, overseeing teams and work projects. He, too, has a special young woman in his life. We are very proud of him! Steeve is in and out of the house, as he is taking First Response EMT classes in Port-Au-Prince. He wants to get into medicine and this will get his foot in the door, for only the Lord knows what will happen in his future. Wiesland (the older one) is ENGAGED! She now lives in Port-Au-Prince, enjoys her job and ministry opportunities. We love it when she comes to the house and surprise’s us for a visit and catches us up with what is happening in her life. Her lucky young man is a doctor, they want to minster together in Haiti! So proud of the both of them! The wedding date set for June! Nadia is a great mother to a beautiful baby girl, Denia Prencella Alexis. Denia is so good, she doesn’t cry much – probably because she is constantly being held by everyone at HOB. Nadia just recently obtained her US visa and is in the process of coming to the US for her family to be united. Tanya shuffles being a wife, mother, director, spiritual leader, caregiver as she gives love and direction to her children plus all the children in House Of Blessings. We couldn’t be prouder of her! She has grown so much as she has taken over as Director of the HOB, she is learning more and more each day on how to be the spiritual woman God has called her to be! Praise The Lord! There is so much more we could say about each person, or previous children who were raised in the HOB and now serving the Lord is various ways. We hope this has peaked your interest in serving the Lord through your service at House of Blessing. Plus we are looking for a Teacher for the School at HOB – we need to get this person in place and preparing themselves to move when the school is complete. Does any of this sound like a challenge and a fun adventure that God is tugging on your heart to do? It is!?! Talk to us and plan a visit to Haiti, the House Of Blessings and Calebasse! LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU SOON! ]]>

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  1. Thank you for the update of the children and adults at House of Blessings. It is wonderful to hear how they are growing and serving the Lord. Will be good to see them again in Juy!

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