“IMPACT” . . . Investing in Missional Partnerships Affecting Community Transformation!

Helping Hands In Motion, Inc. (HHIM) is a support ministry to indigenous National Leaders of Haiti, India, Sri Lanka, as well as some other closed countries.

In Northern India, where 80% to 90% of the population is either H or M, with less than 1% Christian, we are ministering with national indigenous Leaders and Pastors.  In working with these Leaders, we have built Outreach/Discipleship Centers, Child Development Centers and Life Centers. In these Centers, children from many faiths come and are introduced to the Gospel. Their families come to see how their children are being impacted, thus many parents have given their lives to follow Jesus Christ.

In Haiti, we have ministered with the House Of Blessings Orphanage for over 19 years. After the devastating earthquake in January 2010, God opened doors to become more involved in the village of Callebasse, helping those who lost everything in the devastating earthquake to rebuild their lives. Now two years and over 180 new homes later, God is giving new vision and the opportunity to minster alongside the Haitian National Pastors and Leaders.  Through the efforts of all the teams coming to assist and giving hope to the people of Haiti, the House Of Blessings Orphanage (HOB) has become a Center of Hope. Through the orphanage, trainings and resources will encourage, enable and empower national people of all ages. The vision God is now birthing is much greater than we imaged, He is giving us just glimpses of what is to be!


In Sri Lanka the church is thriving and growing under persecution! Even though many Christians have been persecuted in various ways, the Church is getting stronger. But they need our help! There is a Christian Training Center where we can come alongside of National Leaders to help enable them to be self-sufficient, while at the same time, and provide opportunity for ministry and education. Christian children have difficulty getting an education in Sri Lanka; the center has additional property to build a school which will be operated by Christians, this would enable these children a safe place to get an education. By developing this school in a manner of high quality, others will want their children to attend and will pay for their children to receive quality education, will empower this ministry opportunity and income. How wonderful is this!

Where have we come from? Where are we going?

When we first went to Haiti, the House Of Blessings Orphanage was in Port Au Prince ministering to the children of the orphanage. Now it is located in the mountains south of Port Au Prince, in the village of Callebasse, and is ministering to that village and beyond. Since the earthquake we have been working with one church in Callebasse that it’s attendance alone has doubled from 200 to over 400 as a result of God working in the heats of the Haitian people.


In Northern India when we first went there in 1998 our partnership was developed with a few National Pastors and Leaders with around 75 churches. Today that has grown to approximately 800 churches with over 700 full time, part time and volunteers working in the various ministries. Building numerous church facilities, three Outreach/Discipleship centers finished and two more started with ten more envisioned.

We need you to be in Partnership with us! In order to bring transformation into a community and a country, it takes people who have been transformed! Your church can help us bring about these transformations and see the Kingdom of God advance; we will see disciples made and see new believers baptized. We need your partnership, both prayerful and financial. Together we will “IMPACT” our  world for Jesus Christ!

Helping Hands In Motion is a trans-denomination ministry, born out of a burning desire to empower missionaries. We have found that missionaries need resources to better equip them to answer the call the Lord has placed on their life. We have found many missionaries spend numerous hours and days trying to acquire the needed resources for their ministries, thus making it extremely difficult to do what God has called them to do. We of Helping Hands In Motion are committed to encourage, enable and empower missionaries to answer the call the Lord has place on their lives. By networking with individuals, churches, organizations and businesses this will happen!

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