Abby in Sri Lanka, HHIM Board Member

Knuckle Mountain[/caption] So I just got back from a trip to Sri Lanka and it was one of those beautiful experiences   I just want to share with people. Sri Lanka itself is crazy beautiful – gorgeous beaches     and steep mountains completely covered in green, with rivers and waterfalls and tea     gardens everywhere. My group was there primarily to participate in a Church of God     pastors’ convention designed to bring churches together from all over the island and     provide some much needed encouragement. In the process we heard incredible stories and dreams. The men and women who have converted from other religions and witnessed miracles   have powerful testimonies. But the dream that caught my heart the most was about a     school. The theological training center our convention was held at has a lot of                   property not being used yet, and some of the Sri Lankans want to build a school on it. In a mainly Buddhist and partially Hindu country, the children of our pastors are having trouble getting into school. Especially in rural areas where the main work is picking tea (for $3 a day), families’ hope for the future is in the opportunities their children get. The dream is to raise money to build and create a boarding school so pastors all over Sri Lanka, and in neighboring countries, can trust their kids will receive a good education. Ideally, the school’s standards would be high enough to attract other students whose tuition will help keep fees low. Then the big need will be teachers – but not just classroom teachers. If children are leaving their homes they will need house parents at the school, building relationships and encouraging them. Because the cost of living is about a fifth of that in America, the leaders are hoping teachers will be able to come for several years and invest in the students. I’m sharing all of this because it’s such a wonderful idea, but there are so many needs. Please join me in praying for the children in Sri Lanka, for the leaders planning the school, and for the teachers yet to come. [caption id="attachment_540" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Abby leading Women's session"]Abby during Women's session[/caption] ]]>