New opportunities in Sri Lanka!

:  I visited a single parent- a mother with 4 little children. Her name is Jothi who lost her both parents and her husband during the final days of war in Mulliyawaikal. She managed to escape with her four children and having stayed about 20 months in a camp returned to her original place of dwelling. She has neither any income to feed nor a proper house to live with her four children. She is undergoing a pathetic and untold misery. Jothi says: “Until now, no one has ever visited me to inquire about my unbearable condition and you are the first two ladies ever came to my dwelling and given ear to my story”. Predeepa says that she and her co-worker Niroshini consoled Jothi by reading God’s Word and prayed for her but she is in desperate need and who will help her and her children. During the prayer Jothi cried and ask Jesus for help and at the end she promised to follow Jesus.  We are happy for the privilege of sharing God’s message of peace and comfort to her.      There were several instant miraculous healings and also deliverance from demonic spirits reported by our teams for which we thank God.  Many signs and wonders manifested and demonstrated while praying in the name of Jesus our Risen Lord. The Lord is doing great things in Mullaithivu and I thank you for your encouragement and help through prayer and giving! Yours in Him to free the bound. Sam]]>