Your $10 Donation Made A Difference!

Thank you!!! Your $10 (and larger) donations made a difference and we reached our goal, and the laptop is now a reality! And it is paid in full!!! Thank each of you that made it happen – we can not begin to say “Thank You” and how it is impacting the ministry!!   Thank you for accepting the challenge, but thank you for listening to God.  Many of you stated that you were waiting to hear from God as to how much to send, so you waited!  And as always, God always shows up!!! In His timing. We got everything transferred off Richard’s old laptop to the new one that was donated to the ministry right before he left for India and took it to a Pastor.  And Richard’s laptop was the computer Debi had been “breaking in” for Richard. So when it was needed, the funds were all received and Debi has a laptop  for the HHIM records and books, Richard has his, and a Pastor in India has a cleaned up and really good laptop!!!  All are blessed! Now Debi has new programs to learn . . . so please pray for that process. Thank you for being such a vital part of Helping Hands In Motion!!  ]]>