Have YOU Ever?

Lord, help us to continue to touch people in Your Name.”   Have you touched someone’s life today?  Are you willing to step aside of your agenda to help your brothers and sisters?  Your neighbor?  Your peer?  Has God laid someone on your heart to impact and empower?  If so, what are you doing about it?  Tomorrow may be too late . . . the opportunity may be gone. Maybe God is leading you to help out in other ways – to give of your finances to empower others.  To impact a child, an organization, a ministry, or even someone you know. Maybe He is guiding you to share of your resources . . . so share them. Together we can empower and impact the world . . . one person at a time.  It starts with you – with me. For more information about Helping Hands In Motion contact Richard Fields at helpinghim@bellsouth.net or Debi Fields at d_hhim@bellsouth.net.  Don’t forget to ask about our upcoming trip in July to Haiti for the summer camp for 425 Haitian children, and see how you can help! Blessings to you as you touch others . . .one person at a time!]]>

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