News From India – they're off to Makrapara!!

I have spoken with Richard, Sanjay and with Pastor Pam tonight, they were very excited about what all has been happening and the experiences thus far.

Everything is going very well, Sanjay also echoed this fact.  There have been challenges, but God has showed up and enabled them to work in the primitive settings with no power at times, with the Gangtok strike going on, and lost hotel rooms.  And they all spoke about the awesome worship services.
They have had 3 clinics so far, and treated approximately 900 patients, and had to turn some away – which bothered our Team tremendously, but due to time restraints they had no choice.  On the first day they got everything set up and ready, then they treated 450 patients in 5 hours.  They had to travel for Day 2 Clinic, so after traveling they seen about 250 patients that night. On Day 3 they got the opportunity to do some shopping before seeing the remaining 200 patients in 4 hours.  They seen a person who requires more extensive treatment, so the funds were left for that procedure to be performed by a local physician.
I am not sure which clinic it was where the power kept going off, but I would think it was Gangtok on Day 1 due to the strike.  But they kept working throughout each outage with flashlights – they were not to be stopped!  Other than that, things have been going pretty smoothly most of the time.  I am sure they have had challenges, such as getting finished with the night clinic and going to the hotel to discover there was a mix-up and they did not have enough rooms (they had been reserved), so at midnight they had to go in search of 4 more rooms.  They eventually found them, but it was not ones they would have preferred.  But it was someplace to sleep.
Everyone on the team is staying pretty healthy, no one has gotten real sick, except from riding down a mountain last night (motion sickness).   The mountain roads are very curvy, tight turns and steep…usually with a drop off on one side.  It can get to the best of people.  They have been traveling around in 4 or 5 cars to maneuver from one village to another.  It is hot there, the only relief was when they were in the mountains, and they enjoyed the cooler temperatures, even if it was for just a short period of time.
The Team has witnessed a great out pouring of love, with people seeing again after being fitted with the right glasses and lens for their eyesight, and huge smiles because they can actually see!!  And then there are the ones that they have treated with illnesses who touched their souls by the outpour of love and gratitude from the people. These faces will be etched in their minds for life.
As I mentioned, their worship services have been “INCREDIBLE”.  They were in the Himalaya Mountains at Marshal’s church, praying and singing in 2 languages – just worshipping the Lord!  And it started to rain – a pouring rain – but the Presence of God was so “intense” and as Pam put it “the worship was just INCREDIBLE!”
They are heading out to Makrapapra now and Sanjay and Marshal are accompanying them.  They will be meeting with 4 kids that are sponsored from Crossings and other Team Members; and all 4 sponsors are in the team! So they get to meet and spend some time with their child. They are looking forward to seeing the all kids, playing and interacting with them! And, of course, giving them the gifts they have brought from the U.S.  There is a good chance they may also meet the family of the sponsored child, which will be an honor for the families as well as for our Team Members.
They are expecting approximately 400 people at the next clinic, and they will also be dedicating a building built in memory of John Boedeker’s sister, Joyce Gompf, with funds donated by Joyce’s family and friends.  This is an area with no electricity or running water.
So until next time, be blessed.  I know some of you are really missing your loved one, maybe this has helped in some small way.  God bless you – and thank you for being a part of impacting the people of India!  Keep the prayers coming – they can feel them!  They all said that!