Summer Fun In Haiti

[/caption] The Summer Camp in Haiti was awesome! There were 60 people from several areas in the USA: Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Oregon (maybe some other states, too) that traveled to Callabasse, Haiti to be the hands and feet of Jesus to around 440 Haitian children from ages 5 to 12. The week long expression of the Love of God started many months ago as preparations, registrations, and commitments were made to bless children and families in Haiti. When the week of camp finally arrived, all the preparations that had been made did not prepare us for Monday morning when all those beautiful 5 and 6 year old children made their way to camp. Their smiles were contagious to all of us as they made their way into the church to get ready for a fun, exciting, blessed day at camp. They had soooo much fun enjoying every aspect of the camp, which in turn blessed us beyond what anyone could imagine. It didn’t stop here. As the week progressed, every day brought new children with those big beautiful smiles. Each age group, different each day, with new faces and smiles, blessed us and blessings were showered on them. Each day was so exciting!! It brought new children of various ages coming to experience camp – to be a kid, some for the first time in their life. As I watched them it seemed like each age group liked one aspect of the camp better than another. If you would ask each one of us who helped with the camp, you would get different stories; but for me the youngest ones seemed to love the room filled with balloons. And it seemed like the older ones loved the magic and science room. At the end of the camp, Who was blessed the most? Whose life was impacted the most? The children or those that traveled from the US? Some could debate these questions; it would depend from which perspective you were looking. Those who went from the US said they came to be a blessing; but, in turn, they were the ones that were blessed. It was obvious that lives were changed, forever, for all who participated. What was on everyone’s (children and adults) mind as camp ended? It was the same everywhere you turned . . . “When is camp next year?”, “When do we come back to experience one of the most fulfilling weeks in our lives?” Next year same place around the same time: Come to be the hands and feet of Jesus to share His love with some wonderful, beautiful children! Come to be a blessing, and in turn, receive a blessing beyond your imagination!]]>