Thanking God! Glimpses of what God is Doing!

INDIA: We just returned from India where a medical team went into remote villages to give a healing touch, prayers of comfort and sharing Jesus! Hundreds of people in need of physical help came; they were tenderly touched, examined, given medication and were prayed over. These brave men and women of the medical team traveled to the other side of the world to give a “Jesus Touch” to so many needy people. These efforts have and will continue to open doors of ministry in these villages.  There are so many stories we could tell of how this ministry has reach many for Christ. Because of this ministry, we have seen people experience one of these camps and then start attending a church or fellowship and then become followers of Jesus Christ. We have seen healings though these camps. Many healings happened because of the doctors giving their touch, but we have seen and have had reports of where God has brought physical healings to people through these camps. All of this is done so people will be open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We thank the Lord for these brave men and women giving their time, talents and funds to do this awesome outreach ministry. If you want to be a part of one of these teams please contact me. HAITI: As you may know there had been a water shortage at the House Of Blessings. We have had to purchase several truckloads of water for the orphanage and teams coming. After one teams time in Haiti and hearing about the need for water, team member Stephanie Huebner wanted to do something about it and had a 5K walk to raise awareness and funds. It blew her mind what the Lord accomplished through her. She was able to raise $25,000.00 for wells to be drilled at the House Of Blessings. Then came the arduous task of finding a well drilling company to drill the well for us.  Linda Cox stepped up and started making connections, seemingly all around the world.  Now because of Linda’s perseverance we have a company that will be coming to the House Of Blessing to drill the well next year. It is not over, Please continue to pray for the well drilling efforts. Pray the Lord will have the well drillers to drill in the place where they will hit water, and not just water but good water. Each hole drilled costs money, so pray they hit water on the first time. ASIA: Everything we do is directed with efforts to share the Love, Grace and Mercy of Jesus Christ to the unreached. In India and Bangladesh we are working with National Indigenous leaders to equip them with tools to do just that. Because of partners in ministry, we have been able to provide some of these pastors with small electronic devices to share the Jesus Film (If you want to know more, go to a web site called Renew and look up Mini Vista, this is what these pastors are using). The results have been unbelievable, with these small devices they can share the Jesus Film in vast areas of settings, giving many opportunities for the Word of God to go out.  Many have responded by accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Savior!  We have been told because of the Christmas Season many people are open to hear more about Christ, during this time doors are open to the Gospel which are not open at any other time. One pastor just sent me a message of where they have used the Jesus Film movie with the projectors we equipped him with and had been able to show the movie in 3 places in the last two weeks. He is praising the Lord for the response people are making to view this magnificent movie. Continue praying for these pastors for protection, many are ministering in hostile areas. Pray these pastors will find favor and be able to show the Jesus film. We know many will make commitments to Jesus Christ because of this one evangelist tool. BANGLADESH: We all know how we need to reach children for Christ, worldwide. Helping Hands In Motion recognizes the importance of our children’s wellbeing – mentally, physically and spiritually.   In Haiti, Bangladesh and India we minister alongside the Children of Promise, a Church Of God Ministry supporting children in many areas around the world with sponsorship programs. Many children are presently sponsored through Children Of Promise; many more are in need of sponsorship.  In India and Bangladesh Helping Hands In Motion teams up with Indigenous Pastors and Compassion International to start children ministries in remote villages. The results have been unbelievable, many children are brought into these programs, they hear, see, feel and experience Jesus, they and their families are drastically influenced and changed. Through these efforts we have seen hundreds of people physically, emotional and spiritually affected, thus many have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.  At present, we are working with 8 Compassion projects in India and Bangladesh, with over 1600 children registered. I just returned from being at the start of one of these outreach ministries to Children and their families in Bangladesh. It was awesome to be there and experience this new ministry starting in this remote village knowing hundreds of children and their families will be affected. We know they will receive nutrition, help with their education, social assistance, medical attention and hear about Jesus Christ! WOW this is unbelievable and it will be life changing for hundreds of families. Please continue to pray for this outreach ministry, those working with the children and overseeing these projects. Pray to see how the Lord wants you to be involved in this life changing ministry. You may want to sponsor a child in one of these programs. Please contact me and I will be honored to show how you can help. These are just a few of the highlights of 2012 and how the Lord is using us to carry out His Command and Commission to “go into all the world and make disciples”. As we search and serve in various ways of outreach to so many needy people, we also help the multitudes find forgiveness and salvation in Jesus Christ. Romans 6:23b, “…the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord”. Your faithful prayers and support enable us to carry His glorious Good News to the far corners of the world. Thank you and may God richly bless you!]]>

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  1. Super excited at what God is doing through your faithfulness all over the world! May 2013 result in even more fruit through these indigenous leaders and through your helping hands. A very worthy ministry to support in a big way!

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