The LIGHT by Lisa Bultman

Lisa and Marie Lisa and Marie[/caption] It’s so funny how God happens upon us – maybe it is when our defenses are down, the outside noise stops just for brief moment and we get a glimpse, a glimpse of His heart. It still amazes me, even after all this time of my little life. For me it is often when I am still very still, not really thinking and then all of sudden I hear His voice. It’s like my little Spirit finally is in “sync” – and within a split second I “SEE” scripture not just see words on a page, it’s not ink. It lives, it breathes, it’s amazing and I wonder how I ever missed it? Haiti does this to me. Maybe it’s being unplugged and undistracted? Maybe it’s being with others who are all waiting for Him to show up? Our trip in May was split between two places (my second homes) House of Blessing and Arcahaie with Poverty Resolutions. Sometimes mission trips can seem exclusive, you see one place, one church, one group and one goal – even within that context it is still amazing to see Him move and continue to build on foundations He already had planned. (For the record I think we are really slow in catching God’s vision – how much patience He has for us.) But this time I saw the body working together – The Church Body working together all these people from all parts of the world working together. It was like each day we found another piece of ourselves. (I jokingly said we found another body part to our Pastor – I think he changed colors! LOL) it was just so cool for lack of a better word to describe seeing scripture in the flesh – you know that glimpse. And what was cooler was knowing how many others we brought with us in Spirit; family, friends, sponsors, coworkers, old and new church members – they were part of it too – we just happen to be the “hands” for the trip delivering those gifts, prayers, medicines, love, well wishes and let’s not forget the candy! Amazing right! But looking back – I want to see Him everywhere – to catch a glimpse of Him daily in the ordinary life I live here in the collective body He has put me in…in the sunsets, blue haired Tookie’s, gentle breezes , early mornings and hubby hugs…just a glimpse.]]>

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