Very Dry Conditions in Callebasse, Haiti

“PLEASE PRAY FOR RAIN, it is very, very dry!”  This is what we are being told about the Callebasse, Haiti area, where the House of Blessings is located. Several of the older residents have said, this is the driest they have ever seen the area. When there is a drought, this causes significant concerns as people in the area depend upon their gardens for food.  This generates profits when they sell their goods so that they in turn can purchase other necessary items for their families. Without rain their gardens do not produce much if anything. The dry conditions are not healthy and then people have to carry water from the springs, which are way down in the valleys, for their families and gardens. The dry conditions are bad, when they do get rain and if it is heavy downpour, it can wash and erode all the soil away. The children at the House Of Blessings are doing well besides coping with the dry conditions. The House of Blessings not only depends upon rainwater for their gardens; however it is also a necessity to care for all the children at the orphanage.  When there is a drought, the children have to go to the springs and carry water.  We have the option to purchase water; however it is very costly at $225.00 per load of 1500 gallons. At this time one of the BIGGEST PRAYER REQUEST to everyone is to “PRAY FOR RAIN”! Along these lines we have been trying to get 2 wells drilled, one at the House of Blessings and one at Pastor Monoit’s church. These 2 wells will help everyone in the community in many ways! Due to the distance of Callebasse from town and the poor road conditions, we are having difficulty contracting with a well drilling company to come to the Callebasse area to drill for the much needed wells.  Recently, a company contacted us and said they will go to the area and check our options out. This company has been to the area to drill wells before, so we know they can do it if we can get them to come. With your help, our supporters have raised funds to help repair the roads and pay for the well drilling; however we are still in need of securing a well drilling company.  So, we humbly come to you asking you to pray!  Please pray for rain and for a well drilling company to work with us and drill to the depth needed.  We must be faithful and trust that the Lord will hear each of our petitions and in his time, provide a path for the needs of the House of Blessing and the town of Callebasse.  Thank You!]]>