You asked for this: Our Opinion on Michael Jackson's Death

Time changes things. 


Changes come in many ways. 


Events happen that we have no control over that impact our lives . . . both in positive and negative ways. 


Influence happens all around us. 


What we choose to do with these changes, events and influence is up to us.  How we respond, how we react, the decisions we make all are our choice.  God gave us the right and ability to choose things.  We make choices everyday about so many things we are not even aware of. The most important choice He gave us is to choose – or not – to accept Him as our Lord and Savior.


We have been asked what are our thoughts and feelings about the recent deaths of some celebrities, especially Michael Jackson.   Our sympathy and condolences go out to each of the families and their loved ones.


Most of you have asked about Michael Jackson, I can not help but pray for his family and loved ones.  I know they are in pain and are grieving, especially the three children.  They need our prayers, and a lot of them.  Just imagine what these children are going through – and what they will be faced with in the near future.  No child should ever have to deal with what they are dealing with; yet it happens all around us all the time. So many children are in so much pain!!   I am asking that God’s protection surround them, that His peace and comfort fill their loss; that a positive influence whom they are familiar with be allowed to continue to love on them and help them start to heal – a process that indeed will take a very long time.


Michael’s music and fashion statement impacted the world.  And will continue to do so as time goes on.  I doubt if anyone would ever doubt his talent in music, for he was very gifted, and his music touched so many people.  His music impacted the music industry and other musicians profoundly.  This can not be denied – evidence is all around us.  We hear it daily on the radio and television.  He opened doors for others to follow and for them to attempt to mimic him.


Michael’s choices for his personal life have been a topic in our headlines for years. Did he do this or did he do that is not in question at this point.  Obviously he was a man who desired his privacy in a world that offered very little, but craved the attention and the love of the public at the same time.  Would he have done things differently if he could have gone back and changed some things?  Most of us, if ever given the chance, would make changes in our own lives; Michael was probably just like the rest of us.  


I personally feel Michael sought after something to complete his life . . . to make himself happy, or to be fulfilled.   He had many “things”;  won many awards; recognized for his accomplishments time and time again; he created a fantasy land in which to live in; had three children – did these fulfill him?  Did they make him happy?  Did they satisfy the thing(s) he longed for?   Were there times in his life that caused him great pain?  Was he able to get over these areas of pain?  Some areas he spoke of openly to certain media about, I’m sure there was a lot he kept to himself . . . afraid of being hurt again.  


Michael was human, just like the rest of us – he rejoiced at times, he hurt at times, he felt he was misunderstood and falsely accused.  Just like a lot of people do.  In the scriptures we read that even Jesus was misunderstood and he certainly was falsely accused . . . and, unlike the rest of us, He was perfect!! He did not sin at all; we humans have all sinned against God.  All of us come to a point in our life where we must choose God or choose to deny God.  Michael had that choice as well.  So will you.


What happened in Michael’s last days or last moments here on earth are yet to be revealed fully; his last moments we may never know.  What transpired between he and God is just that – between he and God . . . just as it is with all of us.


Michael entered this world and left this world just as we all do . . . taking our first and last breathe.  What he did in between is what mattered . . . is the “fingerprint” he left behind.  Michael’s fingerprint has been left; no changes now can be made.  His fingerprint will continue to leave a mark in the music industry for years and years to come.   Would he, if he could, say that was the most important fingerprint he left behind?  I can’t help but feeling he would say no, even though it was powerful.  What do you think?


How are you responding and reacting to time, changes and events? 


The question to you is . . . what fingerprint are you leaving? 


How involved is God is your life?  In your “fingerprint”?


The choice is yours…